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My closet is not perfect. There are still things that need to be passed on and there are many, many things that need to be added. But there is one thing about it that is perfect. IT CONTAINS BEAUTIFUL COLORS AND THEY ARE MY COLORS. I found myself, the other day, reveling in the colors I see every time I open the door to my closet so I am writing to encourage you to find this joy that I find every morning.

My personal best colors are influenced by the colors of autumn. They are suffused with a hint of yellow/gold and I love that. My pinks are shell pink and salmon; my blues are aqua and electric blue. My green is celery green or another shade which I call sunshine green (that beautiful pale chartreuse). My red is scarlet red, and my purples are lilac and orchid and claret wine. I truly never cease to enjoy these colors and feel great when I wear them. They affect both me and people I come in contact with., both knowingly and unknowingly.

It is said that colors are the means by which the angels can see us on this earth. So I plan to be first in line as much as I need help from my angel friends. The other ways we are “seen” is by floral scent, candles and bells. So, now you have your tools. They angels want to see you at your personal best in “your” colors.

Check out your closet. Is there vitality, vibrancy and energy there/? Or do you need to go shopping with a friend on a mission for closet color? You have my permission. The angels really want to see you and help with whatever you need. So take your angels shopping-they will guide you to your perfect colors. ENJOY!


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We are currently taking students for our Summer Camps devoted to teaching children and youth principles of Design and Sewing.
We have openings in Camp Photoshoot, starting June 24 for ages 8-14 and in our Advanced Camp Fashion Designer for 10-16 year olds.

Please contact us if you are interested in our program for youth, ages 8-17. Our email address is carmella@got.net and cell phone # is 831-252-0665


Look at the above link to see a brochure.


Wearing a Scarf Symbolizes Romance

by cweintraub on December 22, 2010

The scarf, has, in many cultures and throughout history signified the presence of the romantic spirit.  The romantics of the world have seen the scarf as a kind of talisman, evoking the days when knights took their ladies’ handkerchief into battle. Throughout literature, scarves and hankies played an important part in the intrigue of mystery and deception and love and sensuality.

In our modern culture it is still possible to portray these qualities, perhaps without quite so much drama.  The perpetuation of the tradition of the scarf keeps the intrigue alive.  The romantics of the world love the floral scarf as a symbol of this old-fashioned lore. Our rose print silk scarf in three beautiful colors will provide the allure and mystery necessary for any modern romantic.  Try it in aqua with pink roses, lavender with magenta roses or pistachio green with deep purple roses.

Tied in a loose drape over the head and crossing under the chin with the ends draped over each shoulder gives the most effective aura of mystery to any woman.  Think of the most romantic of all the heroines and they will often be wearing a scarf, from Isadora Duncan to the French Lieutenant’s Woman, there has always be a place in history for the charming and beautiful headscarf.


The Scarf as a A Symbol of Feminine Freedom

by cweintraub on December 7, 2010

Scarves can be mysterious, glamorous, cozy, free flowing, chic, graphic or romantic and ethereal. They can evoke many aspects of the feminine experience and throughout history the scarf, especially the veil, was symbolic of the skin of the soul, protecting and highlighting the mysteries of femininity.

Empress Josephine, Salome, Marilyn Monroe, Madame Recamier were all proponents of the magic of the scarf, making it an object of seduction, the subject of paintings, the tool of magicians and a key element in many Greek tragedies.

In the Victorian age, the scarf was a symbol of modesty, but ironically, the scarf truly came into its own in the 20th Century, through artists like Sonia Delaunay and Coco Chanel. The real essence of the scarf began to emerge as artists elevated to a means of artistic expression, both in Fashion and Art. The scarf now became a symbol of the free spirit of certain women and heralded the emancipation of women from the repressive molds of society that were centuries in the making.

The 20th Century marked a new importance in the role of the scarf-Chanel, Hermes, Vera, Schiaparelli and Pucci all featured scarves in their fashion collections and the Scarf was reborn! It now became a tool of self-expression, a symbol of the slightly wild nature of women as well an expression of artistic and individualistic dressing.

Graphic designs such as our Picasso inspired silk scarf as well as our Matisse and Kandinsky silk scarves are good examples of how a graphic pattern can enhance even the simplest of clothing. The silk scarf has become, in our time, one of the strongest symbols of modern femininity and one of the simplest ways of enhancing ones wardrobe in lean times.

Orange women silk scarf in matisse pattern

Oscar Wilde is quoted as recognizing the power of patterns when he remarked. “ The repetition of patterns gives us rest. The marvels of design stir the imagination”.

So, as you can see, the scarf has become elevated to something much more than a simple piece of beautiful fabric. Click on the picture at left to see our Art-inspired scarves.


I would like to talk about some of the parts of dressing that create the TOTAL look of harmony and beauty in our appearance. I am sure you have additional ideas and I encourage you to share any thought you might have at the end of this blog.

I am looking at four or five elements which come to mind when we talk about creating “your” look. These are: Color, Pattern, Fabric, Form and YOU! We will discuss them one by one over the next few blogs.

FIRST, let’s talk about color. Color, these days, is all-important for several reasons. One is that color is light and, to be very honest, our world sorely needs light in all areas of life right now. Imagine a world, filled with light, color, nature, and beauty replacing the images of violence, death and destruction, which pervade and poison modern life. It is so important for humans to increase their role in mitigating the darkness, which threatens to overtake our psyches and our culture. There is such hope! We have constant opportunities to reverse this trend, both personally and collectively if we just act!

First, let’s start with what we have control over –our very own beings which we clothe daily! This one simple aspect of our existence gives us an immediate and ongoing power to affect our environment and ourselves. Think of radiating a powerful energy of light and harmony, both absorbing this energy ourselves and expressing it for others to see and experience. Color is a major unconscious component of our experience of harmony because it is a vibration of light, creating for us, a feeling of upliftment or deflation. We just need to use it.

Right here, you have a powerful personal effect on the forces of darkness while creating beauty as well. Why wouldn’t we do it? We often can often feel so powerless in the face of opposing forces that we don’t even do this one simple thing!

But we can make choices in specific colors, which carry the light in the way which is most harmonious way with our essence and our coloring. These choices give us the opportunity to project harmony into our environment as well as create an inner experience of harmony as well. How do we know which colors vibrate with our own essence? Often, if we are aware of it, people will give us “clues” to how our appearance affects them.

If you pay close attention to your own experience as well as that of others, you can eventually identify “your colors”. My personal colors are what I call saturated pastels; rich salmon, aqua blue, lavender or orchid and spring green all dominate my closet. For fall, I wear claret, bright blue, red/orange and deep yellow green. All warmed with undertones of yellow. This scarf design inspired by Picasso combines all my favorite colors and I wear it constantly. Check it out!

As a postscript, all of my designs are based on the artistic principle of color harmony. I use a color wheel when my intuitive sense of color harmony doesn’t show up, but most of the time, the Universe sends me the right colors. For instance, the Citron yellow Sunflower scarf is based on the three part harmony of red, yellow-green and blue green, while the Banana sunflower scarf is based on the four part harmony of red-violet, blue violet, yellow-orange and yellow-green. Designing in this way basically starts the harmony factor off with a head start.

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Carmella d’Oro Helps You Clothe Your Inner Goddess

by cweintraub on September 17, 2010

My sense about clothing now is to “dress your divinity”. This means your can dress the Goddess that you are in an empowering way and, for that matter, in any way that feels good to you. The critical factor is to know precisely which of the many goddess archetypes wants to emerge at any given time and then to enjoy this energy and allow your clothing to reflect this image. Specific colors, prints, structure, favorite accessories and “themes”  will help your self-expression.

What is an mythical archetype? It is an unconscious organizing principle which manifests as patterns of behavior, perceptions, and intuitive understandings which are common to every human being, irrespective of culture, gender or historical time of existence. Our archetypes connect us to our higher selves or our souls. They are rich sources of inner growth and understanding.  And we need to activate them in this period of history.  Otherwise we only skim the surface of culturally mandated imperatives.

How do you know your own inner goddess? Some of us intuitively grasp this and just seem to dress their inner essence naturally and play to their inner archetype.  One of the easiest ways to find your personal goddess image is to use astrology to pinpoint one of more of these ancient archetypes.  And there are other ways as well.

For example, I was born under the Libra Sun Sign.  The sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus (or Aphrodite), the goddess of love. In ancient mythology, Aphrodite was born of the Sea and she wears flowing clothing, in aqua, pinks and peaches, accented by gold, the color of the setting sun on the water.   I can often be found dressing like this, complete with jewelry which has a certain luminescence.  I tend to feel most authentic when I am expressing this archetypal image through my clothing choices

However, to get more complex, my rising sign is Capricorn. Capricorn is a more structured sign and is ruled by Saturn, Capricorn people are known for their business acumen and their adherence to form.   So, while I am by nature more connected to Venus, I am also known to wear suits that are business-like, but still in the Venus color story.  This combination works well for me, especially accented by a flowing, colorful scarf!

Now, my good friend, Gina, is definitely more of an Artemis type.  She loves the outdoors, has wonderful relationships with animals and children, but her middle name is Regina (the queen).  So Gina looks fantastic in regal colors-purples, blues and grays but in styles that are more homespun and appropriate, for instance, for riding horses. In fact, Gina adores cowboy hats and boots!  I can see her now in cowboy boots, appliquéd with beautiful blue and magenta images.  Yes! Artemis in cowboy boots!  Who knew?

Athena, Artemis, Hera, Persephone, Aphrodite, Isis, Mary, Tara, Quan Yin,Demeter, Hestia, Kali, Pele, Gaia are some of the many ancient archetypes we may embody in our lifetimes.  We will get to kow these archetypes and ways of dressing to express them as we go on. Stay tuned for more information on finding and dressing your inner goddess. Meanwhile, enjoy beauty always!


Hi Folks,

Welcome to the Carmella d’Oro Blog.  We love having you here.  Consider this space a bit of a gathering around the fire-pit to discuss life on the planet, as we now know it.  And we all can feel that things are rapidly changing in our worlds.  The biggest change that we all feel is known in some circles as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  It heralds a massive and much needed change in the way we live our lives.

Some of us are old enough to remember the beginning of this planetary movement.  It started on this coast right up the road a piece in San Francisco-in the Haight Ashbury. The flower children with their beautiful, innocent faces garbed in stunning and sometimes-psychedelic colors, natural as can be, giving out “good vibrations”.  Other aspects followed, but the essence of this movement was a whole new mindset on the freedom of the people to be who they really were, unfettered by the demands and claims of society. Most importantly, exuding joy and wonder in their lives.

Here we are, forty years later, and the Age of Aquarius is almost here!  It is due to arrive formally on Dec 21, 2012.  What is this new age really about? Freedom, Imagination and Creativity.   It is a whole new paradigm for living on the planet and more on that later…

For me, having been involved in creativity and beauty all of my life in one way or another, the Big Question is:  WHAT DO WE WEAR?  For women, it is an important and deep question because it involves a shift from “rules of dress” to the Joy of Dressing.

As a dyed-in-the-wool (pardon the pun) metaphysics buff, I can assure you that we all have a crucial role to play in the ushering in of the New Age.  We, indeed, have a lot of work to do.  I personally feel strongly about the role of women in this change, whether it is through a political, economic, spiritual or familial sphere of influence.  Women are about to step up to the plate in a big way.  And it through their connection with the divine that the world will be healed. The Divine Feminine is needed in our world and we are it!

What exactly is the Divine Feminine? It is the nurturing function of feeling, compassion and caring and can be found the psyches of both men and women. It is birth, death, transformation and rebirth.  Women, however, have a natural inclination toward the expression of this side of themselves while men are more oriented toward a linear, rational and reasoning perspective. When these functions are well balanced within one person, we become integrated, whole and wholesome.

For the first time in history, we have the opportunity to balance the extreme patriarchal modes of the last 7000 years with the integration of the Divine Feminine.  As a world, culture, and planet, our very lives depend deeply on this Integration.  NOW!

As women, we are not accustomed to expressing the Divine Feminine without apology. We have looked to the masculine for our models of success. Now, however, it is time to learn to be the Divine Feminine, in whatever way you can naturally “feel it”.

For me, a pressing question is how do women look when they are individually empowered to be their feminine selves in a way, which is not culturally mandated?

For me, it means that they dress in a way that expresses their individuality, first and foremost.  Secondly, it means that we wear whatever brings light, humor, joy and beauty to their being.  It means there are NO MORE RULES FOR DRESSING.  Wear what you want.  Express yourself.  Put on your jewels.  Sparkle, smolder, or vibrate.  Just be sure you are free!  Your essence and therefore your power are at stake! Take this seriously.   Stay tuned…