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My closet is not perfect. There are still things that need to be passed on and there are many, many things that need to be added. But there is one thing about it that is perfect. IT CONTAINS BEAUTIFUL COLORS AND THEY ARE MY COLORS. I found myself, the other day, reveling in the colors I see every time I open the door to my closet so I am writing to encourage you to find this joy that I find every morning.

My personal best colors are influenced by the colors of autumn. They are suffused with a hint of yellow/gold and I love that. My pinks are shell pink and salmon; my blues are aqua and electric blue. My green is celery green or another shade which I call sunshine green (that beautiful pale chartreuse). My red is scarlet red, and my purples are lilac and orchid and claret wine. I truly never cease to enjoy these colors and feel great when I wear them. They affect both me and people I come in contact with., both knowingly and unknowingly.

It is said that colors are the means by which the angels can see us on this earth. So I plan to be first in line as much as I need help from my angel friends. The other ways we are “seen” is by floral scent, candles and bells. So, now you have your tools. They angels want to see you at your personal best in “your” colors.

Check out your closet. Is there vitality, vibrancy and energy there/? Or do you need to go shopping with a friend on a mission for closet color? You have my permission. The angels really want to see you and help with whatever you need. So take your angels shopping-they will guide you to your perfect colors. ENJOY!

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