Wearing a Scarf Symbolizes Romance

by cweintraub on December 22, 2010

The scarf, has, in many cultures and throughout history signified the presence of the romantic spirit.  The romantics of the world have seen the scarf as a kind of talisman, evoking the days when knights took their ladies’ handkerchief into battle. Throughout literature, scarves and hankies played an important part in the intrigue of mystery and deception and love and sensuality.

In our modern culture it is still possible to portray these qualities, perhaps without quite so much drama.  The perpetuation of the tradition of the scarf keeps the intrigue alive.  The romantics of the world love the floral scarf as a symbol of this old-fashioned lore. Our rose print silk scarf in three beautiful colors will provide the allure and mystery necessary for any modern romantic.  Try it in aqua with pink roses, lavender with magenta roses or pistachio green with deep purple roses.

Tied in a loose drape over the head and crossing under the chin with the ends draped over each shoulder gives the most effective aura of mystery to any woman.  Think of the most romantic of all the heroines and they will often be wearing a scarf, from Isadora Duncan to the French Lieutenant’s Woman, there has always be a place in history for the charming and beautiful headscarf.

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