Elements of Style – Dressing with Color Brings Light and Beauty

by cweintraub on November 2, 2010

I would like to talk about some of the parts of dressing that create the TOTAL look of harmony and beauty in our appearance. I am sure you have additional ideas and I encourage you to share any thought you might have at the end of this blog.

I am looking at four or five elements which come to mind when we talk about creating “your” look. These are: Color, Pattern, Fabric, Form and YOU! We will discuss them one by one over the next few blogs.

FIRST, let’s talk about color. Color, these days, is all-important for several reasons. One is that color is light and, to be very honest, our world sorely needs light in all areas of life right now. Imagine a world, filled with light, color, nature, and beauty replacing the images of violence, death and destruction, which pervade and poison modern life. It is so important for humans to increase their role in mitigating the darkness, which threatens to overtake our psyches and our culture. There is such hope! We have constant opportunities to reverse this trend, both personally and collectively if we just act!

First, let’s start with what we have control over –our very own beings which we clothe daily! This one simple aspect of our existence gives us an immediate and ongoing power to affect our environment and ourselves. Think of radiating a powerful energy of light and harmony, both absorbing this energy ourselves and expressing it for others to see and experience. Color is a major unconscious component of our experience of harmony because it is a vibration of light, creating for us, a feeling of upliftment or deflation. We just need to use it.

Right here, you have a powerful personal effect on the forces of darkness while creating beauty as well. Why wouldn’t we do it? We often can often feel so powerless in the face of opposing forces that we don’t even do this one simple thing!

But we can make choices in specific colors, which carry the light in the way which is most harmonious way with our essence and our coloring. These choices give us the opportunity to project harmony into our environment as well as create an inner experience of harmony as well. How do we know which colors vibrate with our own essence? Often, if we are aware of it, people will give us “clues” to how our appearance affects them.

If you pay close attention to your own experience as well as that of others, you can eventually identify “your colors”. My personal colors are what I call saturated pastels; rich salmon, aqua blue, lavender or orchid and spring green all dominate my closet. For fall, I wear claret, bright blue, red/orange and deep yellow green. All warmed with undertones of yellow. This scarf design inspired by Picasso combines all my favorite colors and I wear it constantly. Check it out!

As a postscript, all of my designs are based on the artistic principle of color harmony. I use a color wheel when my intuitive sense of color harmony doesn’t show up, but most of the time, the Universe sends me the right colors. For instance, the Citron yellow Sunflower scarf is based on the three part harmony of red, yellow-green and blue green, while the Banana sunflower scarf is based on the four part harmony of red-violet, blue violet, yellow-orange and yellow-green. Designing in this way basically starts the harmony factor off with a head start.

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